A visible force for change.

WRDA Covid-19 contingency planning commenced early March as uncertainty and panic levels were beginning to escalate. Yet despite the cancellation of some BC&B sessions, workshops and training programmes the majority of targets set for 2019/20 have been met and in some areas targets have been exceeded.

Some areas of work e.g. lobbying & policy have adapted quite well to on-line working with Women’s Policy Group-WPG continuing to meet via zoom as well as WRDA staff/team, support & supervision, and management committee meetings.

Staff are currently researching & exploring appropriate on-line models for the future delivery of BC&B and accredited training programmes as well as utilizing other platforms i.e. webinars, videos, podcasts and social media.

WRDA have led the women’s sector response with the Covid-19 & impact on women statement from the WPG sent to all government departments with follow up meetings with a number of government Ministers focusing on the pending Domestic Violence legislation, Statutory Maternity Pay-SMP, Carers’ allowance and the 2-child tax credit cap.

The women’s sector in the midst of this Covid-19 crisis have come together to ensure the voices of women articulating their needs on the impact of lockdown restrictions to their lives are heard and acted upon by local, regional and national government and international equality & human rights influencing organisations.