Covid-19 Feminist Recovery Plan

The Women’s Policy Group Northern Ireland is a platform for women working in policy and advocacy roles in different organisations to share their work and speak with a collective voice on key issues. It is made up of women from trade unions, grassroots women’s organisations, women’s networks, feminist campaigning organisations, LGBT+ organisations, support service providers, human rights and equality organisations and individuals.

Given the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on women globally, the Women’s Policy Group have prepared a COVID-19 Feminist Recovery Plan for Northern Ireland. This plan sets out WPG recommendations for recovering from COVID-19, as elected representatives and decision-makers must take into consideration the institutionalised inequalities that exist, and co-develop recovery planning with the communities affected.  These recommendations will cover economic justice, health, social justice, equality, the implications of Brexit and examples of international best practice.

The full WPG Feminist Recovery Plan can be downloaded here. You can download individual chapters on Economic JusticeHealthSocial Justice and Culture. You can read a summary of the recommendations here.

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If you have any questions about the Feminist Recovery Plan please contact the Women’s Sector Lobbyist, Rachel Powell on

Past Events

Women’s Rights, Brexit and the Bill of Rights – Challenges and Opportunities 20 years on from UNSCR 1325 

Feminist Recovery Plan Webinar

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COVID-19 and Increasing Violence Against Women (in collaboration with Raise Your Voice and Women’s Aid)

Feminist Recovery Plan

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COVID-19: Additional Health Impacts for Marginalised Women (in collaboration with WRDA, Transgender NI, Alliance for Choice and Migrant Centre NI more)

Feminist recovery plan.

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COVID-19: A Global Outlook – Social Justice and Gender Equality Post-COVID-19 (in collaboration with WRDA and the Social Change Initiative)

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COVID-19 and the Impact on Rural Women (in collaboration with NIRWN).

Covid-19 and the impact on rural women.

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COVID-19: Poverty, Austerity and universal Credit and the Impact on Women 

Feminist Recovery Plan Event

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