WRDA’s vision is of a fair and equal society where women are empowered and are a visible force for change and influence in all areas of life.


WRDA works regionally to advance women’s equality and participation in society.


  • Our belief that all women have the right to dignity, equality and respect is at the heart of the WRDA’s work.
  • We work from a feminist perspective, informed by women’s experience, recognising that inequality is based on and sustained by structures and systems that limit personal choice and freedom.
  • We believe that women’s rights are central and implicit in the pursuit of human rights for all.
  • We believe that mainstreaming alongside positive action is a core element in advancing women’s equality.
  • We promote and practice participation, inclusion and collaboration, which builds solidarity as a means to effect social change in all the work we undertake.
  • WRDA represents the interests of the sector in an informed and authoritative manner and offers leadership and support.
  • The WRDA recognises and values the multiple roles of women in society and promotes respect for diversity.
  • We recognise that women face particular challenges as a part of a society emerging from a conflict situation and provide support to women from all communities.
  • We subscribe to the principles and endorse the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), UN Security Council Resolution 1325 ‘Women, Peace and Security’ and other international commitments promoting women’s rights.

Our Strategic aims for 2020-2025 are:

Empowerment and Tackling Inequalities: To develop the capacity of women from disadvantaged urban and rural communities to tackle inequalities affecting them.
Policy and Advocacy: To advance women’s equality and participation in all aspects of policy and decision-making.
Leadership and Infrastructure Support: To provide leadership, infrastructural support and advocacy within the women’s sector.
Organisational Development: To strengthen the capacity of the organisation to carry out its role effectively..

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You can find out how we have put our strategic plan into action by reading our Ruby Annual Report 2023