Women’s Regional Consortium

We work with six other leading women’s organisations in the Women’s Regional Consortium to give a real voice to women in disadvantaged urban and rural areas. Our partners are Training for Women Network (TWN), Women’s Support Network (WSN), Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network (NIRWN), WOMEN’STEC, Women’s Centre Derry (WCD) and Foyle Women’s Information Network (FWIN). Learn more here.

Staff representation

WRDA staff are represented on a range of boards and organisations promoting a gender perspective:

Policy and Advocacy

Women’s Policy Group
Northern Ireland Women’s Budget Group
Rural Women’s Policy Forum
OFMDFM Gender Advisory Panel
DRD Section 75 Reference Group
DARD Equality Group
DHSSPS Regional Equality Liaison Panel
Early Years Strategic Alliance
Equality Coalition

Health Inequalities

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust Change of Mind Community of Interest
South Eastern Trust Sexual Health Community of Interest
North Belfast Health and Social Wellbeing Forum
North Down and Ards Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Community of Interest

Leadership and Infrastructure Support

NICVA Executive
Government/Community and Voluntary Sector Joint Forum
Board of Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network
Board of Northern Ireland Women’s European Network
Board of Possibilities
Forum for Adult Education Northern Ireland