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Providing training for women is a central pillar of WRDA’s work. We believe education is a major factor in addressing the marginalisation of women. Our courses cover a wide range of areas with the overall aim to empower women and increase their knowledge and skills.

Policy and Lobbying

WRDA carries out regular policy work and lobbies decision makers on behalf of women. We work to enhance how the women’s sector and women on the ground are communicating with all levels of government, ensuring women have their rightful say in the policies affecting them.


We act as an information hub for the women’s sector, while also striving to raise the profile of women’s issues in the wider media. Through our communication channels, we publicise the latest news, funding opportunities, events and research of interest to women.


WRDA is a membership organisation. We exist for the benefit of our members, representing their interests and informing them of the latest issues affecting the women’s sector. We ensure that our members have a meaningful say in our work through contributing to our policy submissions and attending our events.

Good Relations

WRDA recognise the vital role women have played in supporting peace building and conflict resolution pre-ceasfires and the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement. We work to challenge the reassertion of male control in communities and create opportunities for women to participate at all level of active citizenship.


The Community Facilitator Programme was developed to enable and empower local women. The programme combines theory and practical activities to enable women to develop facilitation skills and receive a Level 3 Certificate in Learning and Development.

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Our Funders

Through the generous support of funders we have been able to make a real difference for women in the community. We are very grateful to the those who have supported us. We also thank past funders and those who wish to remain anonymous. If you are interested in making a grant or fundraising for us contact our Communications and Membership Worker on 028 90 230 212.

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