As a membership organisation, we work for the benefit of our members, representing their interests at all times. We keep our members informed of all the latest issues affecting the women’s sector, provide them with opportunities to publicise their work and allow them to have a meaningful say in what we are doing.

We represent women at local and international level and have a diverse membership base of just over 300, including community based women’s groups, national organisations, trade unions, women’s centres and individuals.

Benefits of becoming a member

Our membership is the most important part of our organisation. Our members are our strength and give us our mandate in calling for women’s equality in local and international fora. As a member, you are part of a network committed to working for a better world for women.

WRDA offer member organisations a wide range of supports and services. You will receive:

• A free bi-monthly newsletter posted directly to you, which highlights our work, the work of the sector and policy news that affects women.
• Subscriptions to our other publications, such as our ezine.
• Notifications of our events throughout the year.
• An entry in the online directory on this website (for group members).
• A special mention in our newsletter when you first sign up, as well as a chance to be our member of the month (for group members).
• Opportunities to publicise your group, your events and the issues you are concerned about on our website, in our publications and at our events for free.
• A hard copy of our annual report and other key publications.
• An invitation to our AGM. Group members also get voting rights.
• The chance to feed into debate and voice concerns regarding issues affecting the women’s sector.

We offer membership to both individuals and groups that are interested in fostering stronger links with us and the wider women’s sector. Becoming a member of the WRDA is easy and more importantly it is free to join. We continually strive to work towards women’s equality and to keep our members up to date and although membership is free, we do accept donations to continue the vast amount of work we are involved in.

If you are interested in becoming a member of WRDA please download the Membership Form below, fill in and return to us either by emailing it to or posting it back to:

Women’s Resource and Development Agency
6 Mount Charles