One year on from when the Feminist recovery plan was originally published, with many recommendations outstanding, the women's policy group have decided to relaunch the plan, with updated data, evidence and recommendations, putting women's voices at its core.

As part of the development of the relaunched Feminist Recovery Plan the Women’s Policy Group produced a substantial body of primary research on the impact of the pandemic on women across Northern Ireland. This valuable new research has been collated into a separate report, WPG COVID-19 Feminist Recovery Plan Supplementary Research Report: Putting Women’s Voices at the Core.

The findings from this research paint a stark picture of women’s experiences in Northern Ireland relating to health, employment, poverty, disability, racism, care work, violence against women and more.

This primary research, alongside the full Women’s Policy Group (WPG) COVID-19 Feminist Recovery Plan, highlights and reiterates the point that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on women and has exacerbated pre-existing inequalities faced by women across Northern Ireland.

It is clear from the case studies contained in the report how imperative it is that we take a feminist approach to pandemic recovery planning and urgently address the economic, health, social justice and cultural issues that women in Northern Ireland are experiencing.