Women in Leadership

Free sessions offer life changing inspiration for women


A new online course has been launched to inspire women in Belfast to fulfil their potential and make changes in their lives.


The Women in Leadership course will run for four weeks from the end of January through to end of March and aims to deliver practical training for women to increase their confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills through further learning.


Run by the Women’s Resource and Development Agency (WRDA) and funded by Belfast City Council’s Capacity Building programme, the course may suit women who are currently looking for work or wish to make a change in their lives.


Deirdre Quinn, the WRDA course co-ordinator said: “Last year was very difficult for so many people but it also provided a period where many assessed their lives and wanted to make a change. Women in Leadership is all about giving women the confidence to challenge themselves and use their skills to make a meaningful difference to their own lives and their communities. It will help them by increasing confidence and sense of empowerment and may provide a bridge into further education, training or employment.”


The OCN Level 3 endorsed course is practical and experience-based rather than academic, focusing on existing skills and how to use them to create positive change.

The leadership course will involve a mix of teaching strategies using zoom-based sessions.  Deirdre added: “We intend to use interactive techniques including self and peer teaching, discussion, skills’ practice, case studies, presentations and teamwork.  Based on best practice in adult learning psychology, we know that adults learn best from their peers in small groups and learn quickly when the material is relevant to their lives.”


The training content will be informed by WRDA’s work on barriers faced by women accessing adult education and will include approaches designed to address these.


There are two opportunities to join this course. The first session starts

Thursday 28st Jan 10-12.30 for four weeks and the second starts Thursday 25th Feb 10-12.30 also for four weeks.


Participants should live in the greater Belfast area. Anyone interested, should email deirdre.quinn@wrda.net with a paragraph detailing why you would like to take part.