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Our vision is of a fair and equal society and our belief that all women have the right to dignity, equality and respect is at the heart of WRDA’s work. We work from a feminist perspective, informed by women’s experiences, recognising that inequality is based on and sustained by structures and systems that limit personal choice and freedom. Based on our vision, ethos, values and strategic plan, WRDA is a trans women inclusive organisation. We understand that trans women face additional barriers and inequalities just because they are trans. Further, we recognise the high levels of discrimination, violence and exclusion that trans women face in society. As a women’s organisation, WRDA recognises the need to accept and support trans women through our work. We reject any trans exclusionary action or idea as it is incompatible with feminism, anti-sexism and equality.

WRDA accepts and supports trans women, non-binary and gender-fluid people on the basis of self-identification. We are aware of the limitations of the Gender Recognition Certificate process and do not require any documentation from a trans women that we would not also require from a cis-women to access our services. Our membership and all our services are open to trans women, non-binary and gender fluid people.