A visible force for change.

WRDA is a member of the Women’s Policy Group (WPG) and hosts the Women’s Sector Lobbyist, Rachel Powell who campaigns on behalf of the whole sector. As such we have been at the forefront of lobbying on ways to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on women.

A statement from the WPG on the gendered impact of Covid-19 including immediate, medium and long term demands for action has been sent to all Stormont Ministers and Party Leaders.

The WPG raised concerns with the Department for Communities regarding the gendered impact of Covid-19 and has received a reply from the department offering assurances that they are working to put in place measures to protect the vulnerable and outlining steps already taken.

The Department for Communities established an Emergencies Leadership Group (ELG) to help deal with the impact of Covid-19 but the Women’s Sector was completely unrepresented. After intervention from the WPG the Women’s Sector will be represented on the ELG from the 30th of April on. You find out more about the ELG and the WPG’s urgent request here.

WRDA and The Women’s Regional Consortium will be issueing Covid-19 focussed enews in addition to our regular monthly enews for the duration of the crisis. You can sign up to receive these bulletins here.