WRDA requested a meeting with the Secretary of State in November 2019 and have received no response. As part of the Women’s Policy Group a second letter was sent on the 8th of January 2020 and we have received confirmation of receipt but no offer of a meeting.

If we are offered a meeting we will use it to outline our vast concerns relating to the ongoing healthcare crisis, particularly mental health and suicide; austerity, poverty, welfare reform and mitigation packages; the lack of a strategic framework; the inadequate childcare provision in Northern Ireland; the Stormont talks process and Brexit. All of these issues raised have disproportionate impacts on women; yet, women have not been consulted on any of the above matters. It is imperative that we are given the opportunity to share our concerns with the Secretary of State as soon as possible; particularly relating to any deal made through the Northern Ireland Assembly.

You can read the letter here.