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Angry but hopeful – One woman’s journey as a sexual assault survivor

Editor’s comments TRIGGER WARNING: This blog contains details of a sexual assault and the medico/judicial process following it. 2018 has been a tough year for women generally and for sexual assault survivors particularly. The #MeToo movement, The Rugby Rape Trial, Bret Kavanagh and the recent rape trial in the Republic of Ireland where the victim’s […]

An Open Letter from a ‘Bossy’ Woman

Today, a friend sent me a screenshot of an Instagram story from a mutual acquaintance. It was a rambling tirade which detailed views on what it means to be ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. It is a baffling, waffly account which seems to imply that women are ‘naturally designed’ to not take risks, instead we are undisciplined, […]

A Positive Blog for Monday

Recent news has been dominated by Northern Ireland’s record-breaking period without a government and the terrible fire in Primark in Belfast City Centre, as well as the now-normal barrage of Trump and Brexit bad news. While all of this is undoubtedly real, serious stuff and deserving of our attention, sometimes it can feel that there’s […]

Women Won’t Wait

CAMPAIGNERS FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND EQUALITY SPEAK OUT ABOUT THE IMPACT OF STORMONT STALEMATE. The results of a survey released today by the Women’s Resource and Development Agency reveal the impact of having no government at Stormont on women’s community organisations and campaign groups. 80% of those surveyed said they have continued to lobby decision […]

And so, I continue on …

For many of us, prior to the #metoo movement, speaking out about our own personal encounters with sexism and abuse across many sectors felt taboo. It was often frowned upon to speak up and outwards against this kind of behaviour that has been accepted for decades. Women are often shunned into silence, and made to […]

WRDA receives CRC Core Funding Awards 2018/19

The Women’s Resource and Development Agency has been successful in winning a grant award of £41382.44 over two years from The Community Relations Council. The Women’s Resource and Development Agency is one of 32 organisations receiving funding to support and deliver peacebuilding activity. The Community Relations Council, through its Core Funding Scheme, has announced that […]