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Economic abuse and coercive control against women: How abusers are using the Child Maintenance Service.

WRDA are supervising a University of Ulster Placement Student to conduct research into domestic abuse via child maintenance arrangements. We want to hear from women who have been through this devastating experience. If you would like to take part in the anonymous research, please click here . All responses will be anonymous. Content Warning: This […]

Honour-based Abuse (and its links to paramilitarism)

Honour-based abuse (HBA) is a prevalent issue that is often misunderstood in Northern Ireland. While gender-based violence is usually described as violence that is directed at a woman because she is a woman or violence that affects women disproportionately10, HBA is often described as the violence predominantly inflicted on women who are thought to have […]

Paramilitaries Effect on Women in Northern Ireland

This response will specifically examine the effect of paramilitaries on women in Northern Ireland by highlighting their lived experiences as captured by WPG primary research. In addition, this submission will include responses from women to WPG surveys, who have consistently highlighted the problem of paramilitaries in relation to violence against women and girls in Northern […]

Women’s Sector Lobbyist – Political Party Manifestos and Commitments to Women Northern Ireland Assembly Election – 5th May 2022

With the Northern Ireland Assembly Election (AE22) happening this week – I thought it was important to analyse the different manifestos of the main political parties to see whether they have prioritised the needs of women. The Women’s Policy Group (WPG) published our Key Election Asks based on some of the outstanding recommendations from our […]

Issues to Raise with Candidates

The women in the 8 Maternal Advocacy and Support groups are passionate about improving perinatal mental health services in Northern Ireland. They have created a wishlist for change for improved services in Northern Ireland. You can help support us by highlighting these issues to politicians for this election. We will also be holding two events […]

Lets Talk About Our Pelvic Floor

It’s time to break the stigma and increase awareness of the importance of pelvic floor exercises before and after giving birth and for life! Pelvic floor related problems are extremely prevalent for women with incontinence and pro- lapse being common but seldom talked about conditions. This video includes contributions from physiotherapy, an incontinence nurse and the […]