Thank you! Volunteers week 2023.

As part of my university course we must attend placement, we are told from first year, and I had a lot of time to think about it. Being a mature student, people often think that I have returned to education, but in reality, I have been in education from I left secondary school. Dipping in and out for surgery, which was difficult, I’m finally at a point where I can attend university 10 years after most people do, and find out where I want to focus my career goals. I thought I wanted to do social work, or psychology, but I wanted to focus more on the policy side of development. As a woman with a disability, I am continually noticing gaps for disabled women, and how they are often excluded from the world. I decided that if I studied Health and Social care Policy at Ulster University, I could put my efforts into helping those just like myself.

WRDA’S vision was everything I could hope for, a fair and equal society where women are empowered and are a visible force for change and influence in all areas of life. I feel truly honoured to be completing my placement with them. As soon as I started, each person welcomed me, and I felt part of the team. There is a feeling of being heard and understood at WRDA, each person works with passion and determination, the work they carry out for the people of Northern Ireland is invaluable.

To anyone considering WRDA for their student placement, I would highly recommend it. Equality is continually fought for by these incredible people. I wanted to find a placement with like-minded people, who see the issues for women in Northern Ireland, and never stop trying to make life better for us all.

I enjoy all aspects of my placement at WRDA. I’m continually learning each day, and it’s an environment which is professional yet understanding, which is very rare to find.

By Bronte Reilly, second year undergraduate student with Ulster University.

WRDA has capacity for three student placements a year. We offer lunch and travel expenses. To find out more about our student placements please contact our Communications and Membership Worker, Megan, on Placements are available May and June, and August and September. Student placements normally last 6 weeks but duration depends on the requirements of your degree program.