Women's manifesto for local council.

When the Executive collapsed in February 2022, the women’s sector lost an important arena for influencing policy and lobbying on gender equality issues. In the absence of an Executive, local councils play an even more important role in helping us to advance gender equality in Northern Ireland. Local councils have the potential to be a key driver of positive change and to set an example for how elected officials can use their power to support disadvantaged groups.

This Women’s Manifesto for the upcoming council elections lays out how local councils can support women in communities during a rapidly worsening cost of living crisis and help the women’s sector make gender equality a reality in Northern Ireland. The WPG are keen to engage with local councils and support them in implementing these recommendations.

Best Practice in Local Governance

Social Welfare and Housing

Health and Wellbeing

Community Safety and Infrastructure

Environment and Sustainability

Read the full manifesto here.