Cartoon of Stormont.

‘Where’s Our Democracy?’ is a campaign focused on improving the quality of democracy in Northern Ireland by restoring the spirit of the Belfast/ Good Friday Agreement and achieving stable, functioning government in the long term. Improving the quality of our democracy means embedding and enshrining key democratic values and principles within our institutions.

The people of Northern Ireland have been stuck in a perpetual cycle of political collapse and are frequently without democratic representation. In 1998, 71% of people in Northern Ireland voted in favour of the Belfast / Good Friday Agreement and expressed their support for the establishment of a devolved power-sharing government in Stormont. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Agreement, and yet, 25 years on, many of the commitments made in the Agreement are outstanding. For example:

  • Bill of Rights
  • NI Civic Forum
  • The right of women to full and equal political participation
  • The protection and vindication of human rights for all
  • A democratically elected Assembly capable of exercising executive and legislative authority

The ‘Where’s Our Democracy?’ campaign is calling for the urgent re-establishment of the Northern Ireland Executive and long-term stability for our democratic institutions, in the spirit of the Belfast / Good Friday Agreement. This includes ensuring that the people of Northern Ireland have stable democratic representation and government institutions that actively work to uphold the principles and values of democracy. This includes upholding and strengthening human rights and equality protections for all people.

If you agree with the objectives of our campaign and would like to see the Northern Ireland Executive re-established and the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement restored, please sign the ‘Where’s Our Democracy?’ Charter which you can view here and sign here.

If you have any queries regarding this campaign or would like to find out how you can get involved please contact: