Consultation Response

This response will specifically examine the effect of paramilitaries on women in Northern Ireland by highlighting their lived experiences as captured by WPG primary research. In addition, this submission will include responses from women to WPG surveys, who have consistently highlighted the problem of paramilitaries in relation to violence against women and girls in Northern Ireland.

Key topics covered:

  • Paramilitarism, Gate Keeping and Control of Funding
  • Race hate crime and paramilitarism
  • Paramilitarism during the pandemic
  • The need for UK application of United Nations Security Council Resolution(UNSCR) 1325 on Women, Peace and Security to Northern Ireland
  • Honour-based Abuse (and its links to paramilitarism)
  • Concerns relating to New Decade, New Approach Agreement
  • Online abuse and threats against women when discussing paramilitaries

Findings from WPG Primary Research:

  • The WPG Feminist Recovery Plan Primary Research Project,1
  • The WPG Protection from Stalking Bill Primary Research Project2 and,
  • The WPG Violence Against Women and Girls Primary Research Project3

In total, the WPG has engaged with over 1200 women in Northern Ireland through this research. Although we did not directly ask women about their experiences with paramilitarism in this research, women repeatedly raised issues relating to paramilitarism and anonymously provided us with personal stories, which we have included in this response.


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