The Women’s Policy Group has written to all party leaders in the NI Executive to invite them to meet with the WPG to discuss the importance of ensuring that trans rights are not rolled back in the name of women’s rights. You can view all of the letters here.

The WPG took this decision following the rise in transphobic messages, both online and across Northern Ireland through the appearance of harmful transphobic stickers. The WPG want to ensure all parties in the NI Executive are aware of the breadth of support within the women’s sector, and within our broader voluntary and community sector membership, for the trans community in Northern Ireland. WPG are a group of women that are opposed to the rolling back of trans rights in any way in the name of women’s rights and absolutely do not support the harmful narrative growing across social media against trans women. The letters urge party leaders to fully support the trans community in Northern Ireland and reject any proposals that claim to be ‘gender critical’ or target the trans community, particularly trans women, as they are extremely harmful and not reflective of the women we work with.

Trans women are women, and they are amongst the most marginalised groups of women in our society. We reject the removal of trans rights being framed as the protection of women’s rights, and we do not want this done in our name. WPG are a group of experts on women’s rights, and work with women across Northern Ireland, including LGBTQ+ women. We fundamentally oppose anti-trans policy making and we support reform to the GRA. The women’s sector has worked in collaboration with the trans, and broader LGBTQ+, sector in Northern Ireland for years, and we will continue to do so.

The Women’s Policy Group NI opposes the rollback of trans rights, and this should never happen under the guise of women’s equality.