Young women holding WRDA's banner at International Women's Day 2020.

I first heard of WRDA in 2019 when researching possible organizations to do my placement with in 2020. My teacher suggested they would be an ideal organization to complete my placement with if I aspired to work in the field of social justice. Upon arriving at WRDA, I knew immediately that this was a workplace different from any other I had experienced. I have never worked in an environment as rewarding, encouraging, and informative before my time with WRDA.

I had the privilege of completing my placement with WRDA in both my second year and final year. During both placements my experience was catered to suit my specific need and inform me on the different aspects of working in the nonprofit sector.

During my time with WRDA in 2020, I engaged in an array of activities and shadowing roles so that I could receive a well-rounded perspective of the different roles each member played within the organisation.

I attended various debates and discussions ranging from a council committee meeting discussing the implementation of a motion supported by Raise Your Voice, the hate crime conference on the recognition of misogyny as a hate crime, to rallies held in advocacy for suicide awareness and mental health funding. This is one of the most amazing qualities to working with WRDA as I gained an extremely well-rounded insight into every aspect of activism, starting from the grassroots work to political engagement.

The community campaigning course, which equips women with the necessary skills for establishing and overseeing a campaign, was an immensely educational and rewarding experience. I left the course feeling confident and empowered in my ability to take the necessary actions for the changes I wanted to see in our society.

In returning to WRDA in 2021 in the new world of online work, my placement remained as engaging and interesting as ever before. I attended an array of events hosted in celebration of International Women’s Day where I learnt of the fascinating history of feminism in N.I., the realities of the struggle’s women making change still face today, and the countless areas in need of progress to achieve the new phenomenal!

In conclusion, my time with WRDA ticked all the boxes a good placement should. My personal learning development has been exceptional, my self confidence in my own abilities has benefited greatly because of the encouraging environment that WRDA provides.

WRDA would like to thank Eva Martin for her diligence and hard work during her placement with us. We wish her all the best for the future.