Good relations week 2020.

On September 15th WRDA will host an event called Women, Peace and Security in a post-COVID World”. This year marks the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which acknowledged the unique impact of conflict on women and girls; and recommended the adaptation of a gendered perspective to understanding peacebuilding and reconstruction after conflicts. Twenty-two years after our own peace agreement was signed, what have we still to learn about the role of women in building a lasting peace? We will discuss also recommendations covered in the Women’s Policy Group’s Feminist Recovery Plan and hear from a panel of experts in peacebuilding.

The theme of this week’s Good Relations Week is “Celebrating Our Journey. Embracing Our Future.” Due to the extraordinary times in which we find ourselves, this year’s celebrations will take place online. Our event will be a lunchtime, panel discussion with guest speakers to be confirmed. Register to attend by emailing our Good Relations Coordinator, Elaine Crory.