We have been informed that the anti-trans proposals listed in last week’s Sunday Times article holds truth. These proposals included ‘new protections to safeguard female-only spaces…’ and ‘abandoning’ a self-determined procedure around GRA reform. Liz Truss MP is due to speak in Parliament about the equalities committee this Wednesday morning. Boris Johnson is likely to be asked to agree to the proposals within the next 24 hours. If he doesn’t sign it off, Liz Truss cannot go forward with it. YOU can help to prevent the UK Gov progressing with these anti-trans proposals, but you have to act quickly.

URGENTLY call on Boris Johnson not to take forward any of Liz Truss’ proposals by tweeting @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet and/or emailing via this web-form: https://email.number10.gov.uk/ (copy your email content before you click send as there have been tech issues with the portal. If it does not send, then suggest you send on to his MP address Boris.Johnson.mp@parliament.uk making it clear that the portal is not working).

If you are a woman, join the campaign on social media: tell Boris that the rolling back of trans rights in the name of women’s rights is not something you support by using the hashtag #NotInMyName

Write to your MP and call on them to challenge the proposals and tell your friends, family and colleagues how to get involved.

Your organisation could write a press statement in support of trans rights and a call for there not to be a roll back of LGBT rights.

Please engage with the above as an individual or organisation and help make enough noise to ensure these proposals do not materialise. If they do, this will propel us in to an era of gender policing that will affect every single one of us.