Breast, Cervical and Bowel Screening Awareness Programme

The training team have been working hard together to adapt our services online.  We have produced an animated breast self examination tutorial which will be launched at the start of July, in conjunction with Philip Wilson of Internet Sense.  We are also working on adapting our cancer awareness sessions for audiences online and are pleased to announce we can take bookings to deliver from 1st July, for delivery via Zoom or Webinar link.  The content / aims and objectives will remain the same but will be delivered online for the duration of restrictions due to Covid 19.


As a little reminder, we offer cancer awareness training on the breast, cervical and bowel.


Breast awareness and Breast Screening, including a practical demonstration on how to check your breasts and the signs and symptoms to look for.


Cervical Screening, including what happens at a smear test the types of results and what they mean.


Bowel Cancer Screening, including the signs and symptoms to look out for and how to take the screening test.


To book a group delivery via Zoom or to access any of our webinars please contact: Deirdre Quinn on 07717 843274 or



We work closely with our funders, the PHA, who have recently forwarded an update on the current screening services.  Please see links below for full details.


Breast screening FAQs –

Cervical FAQs –

Bowel FAQs –