The Northern Ireland Women’s Manifesto 2019 sets out measures on a number of important gender equality issues that, with political will, can be taken forward over the next Westminster term. It has been compiled by The Women’s Policy Group. The Women’s Policy Group is comprised of a wide range of women’s organisations, NGOs, individuals and trade unions working for a society where women and girls can fully realise their rights.

It is crucial that women’s issues and gender equality are at the core of any future UK Government, especially as the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly is approaching three years, and MPs have already begun to implement legislation to advance human rights in Northern Ireland. Womens’ rights are human rights and human rights are not devolved. In addition, the UK is also bound by its international obligations, in particular CEDAW. The Concluding Observations of the CEDAW examination in early 2019 set a comprehensive roadmap for strengthening gender equality, and implementing these recommendations in full is vital in particular to ensure that women in Northern Ireland can enjoy the same rights and protections as women elsewhere in the UK.

It is essential to improve the overall framework for gender equality, including stronger measures in Northern Ireland’s Programme for Government to ensure implementation across all policy and budgeting; a dedicated Gender Equality Strategy along with significant resources and support to public bodies promoting and mainstreaming gender equality; continued protection and advancement of women’s rights in line with EU and international standards; and women’s equal participation and leadership in measures for peacebuilding, legacy, transitional justice, reconstruction and governance in Northern Ireland.

The issues raised reflect the diversity of women in Northern Ireland across age, social class, life experience, racial or ethnic background, sexual orientation, disability and political or religious belief


You can read the manifesto here.


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