• Women, Civil Society and Peacebuilding: Paths to Peace through the Empowerment of Women
    Commissioned by: TWN
    Investigates women’s role in peacebuilding. Debates relating to innate passivity in women, socialisation processes, differential impact of conflict and coincidental factors are explored. Notions of civil society are also examined and how women are included (or not) in the theory.
    Author: Michael Potter
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  • Victims, Survivors and Forgiveness
    Commissioned by: TWN
    Explores and highlights the difficulty that the notion of ‘Forgiveness’ poses in attempting to accept and resolve issues about historical events, such as those that occured during the Northern Ireland conflict. The report itself has been a result of a close working partnership between TWN, The Institute of Governance (QUB), The Forgiveness Project and various community, victim and voluntary groups across the Northern Ireland.
    Author: Michael Potter
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  • In Their Own Words
    Commissioned by: TWN
    Assesses how far the promises of the Belfast Agreement have been achieved in providing the necessary resources to meet the needs of victims and places women within the context of the victims sector.
    Author: Michael Potter
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  • Unionist Women Active in the Conflict in Northern Ireland
    Commissioned by: TWN
    Draws on the experiences and differences that women went through alongside their male counterparts during the conflict in Northern ireland and examines the needs of women today in our post-conflict society.
    Author: Michael Potter
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  • Dealing with the past in a post-conflict society: does the participation of women matter? Insights from Northern Ireland
    Commissioned by: William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law
    Explores the participation of women in dealing with the past within post-conflict society, focussing on the Northern Ireland case.
    Author: C. O’Rourke
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  • Baseline Study on UNSCR 1325
    Commissioned by: CFNI, WRDA, NWCI
    Looks at the key instruments, initiatives and activities related to UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, with particular focus on Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
    Author: C. O’Rouke and K. McMinn
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  • Strategic Guide and Toolkit: Women, Peace and Security
    Commissioned by: CFNI, WRDA, NWCI, Foundations for Peace
    Offers local decision makers guidance on how best to incorporate the views of women into peacebuilding and the development of policy.
    Author: Bronagh Hinds and Debbie Donelly
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  • Women and the Conflict
    Commissioned by: WCRP, WRDA
    Explores women’s accounts of their own experiences of the conflict in Northern Ireland.
    Author: WRDA/ WCRP
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  • North Belfast Women’s Voices: Exploring Identity, Culture and the Future
    Commissioned by: CRC
    The Women’s Resource and Development Agency carried out this research to give voice to women in North Belfast, by capturing their lived experiences and how they individually, their families, their communities, and in turn, their geographical and cultural relationships have been affected.
    Author: Kellie O’Dowd
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  • North Belfast Women’s Voices Project Report and Charter for Change
    Commissioned by: St. Stephen’s Green Trust
    The goal of this project was always to produce a Women’s Charter for Change, and to do this by having a cross-community group of women in North Belfast to work together to produce it. The Charter itself was designed to look at some of the most entrenched issues in society here; issues around cultural expression and shared space, and to chart a way forward – lessons we can use to build a toolkit that can be adapted and used in different circumstances and in different places.Author: Elaine CroryRead here
  • Northern Ireland Women’s ManifestoCommissioned by: Women’s Policy GroupManifesto prepared for the 2019 General Election focussing on the issues facing women in NI.Editor: Rachel Powell

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Good Relations with a Gendered Lens Toolkit

This guide has been prepared to allow other organisations to implement a gendered approach to Good Relations.

Author: Elaine Crory

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