• Balances Along the Border: A Gender Audit in Northern Ireland and the Six Southern Border Counties
    Commissioned by: WEFT
    Considers issues of gender mainstreaming and the use of focus groups and audits to illustrate understanding and demonstrate current levels of representation.
    Author: Marie Crawley & Louise O’Meara
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  • The Grass Ceiling: Audit of Women in Rural Areas in the North of Ireland
    Commissioned by: WRDA
    Snapshots the position of women in rural Northern Ireland on public bodies, voluntary agencies, political representation, etc, to illustrate the low levels of representation in decision making, in the context of the Review of Public Administration (RPA).
    Author: Marie Crawley
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  • Breaking the Silence in Rural Areas: Rural Mental Health, Stigma, Services and Supports within the SWARD Region
    Commissioned by: Niamh Louise Foundation
    Examines issues of rural mental health, stigma and services in four council districts in Northern Ireland.
    Author: J. Donaghy Consulting
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  • DARD Statistical Repository
    Commissioned by: DARD
    Provides DARD statistics on a wide range of rural issues, including agriculture, food, animal health, fisheries and forestry in Northern Ireland.
    Author: DARD
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  • Empowerment of Rural Women in Northern Ireland: Impacts on Poverty, Development and Current Challenges
    Commissioned by: Northern Ireland Assembly
    Aims to provide an overview of the main approaches being taken to alleviate rural poverty and increase rural development, as well as exploring whether these approaches have specifically targeted or benefitted rural women.
    Author: Northern Ireland Assembly
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  • Rural White Paper Action Plan
    Commissioned by: DARDNI
    Contains commitments on rural issues by all Departments and provides a framework for a more integrated approach by the Executive in seeking to address the challenges facing our rural communities.
    Author: DARDNI
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  • Baseline Study of Rural Women’s Infrastructure in Northern Ireland
    Commissioned by: Rural Community Network and the Rural Women’s Sectoral Programme Consortium
    Provides a picture of the current rural women’s infrastructure, their representation in rural community activity and decision making; the level of rural community activity for rural women; and the level of community development skills within the women’s sector. Recommendations are made for DARD, Rural Women’s Groups Strategy Partnership and Rural Community Network.
    Author: Tony Macauley and Bernie Laverty
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  • Rural Isolation, Poverty and Rural Community/Farmer Wellbeing: A Scoping Paper
    Commissioned by: Northern Ireland Assembly
    Explores the topical issues of rural isolation, poverty and rural community/farmer wellbeing.
    Author: M. Allen
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  • Virtual Rurality – A Snapshot of Telecommunications in Rural Northern Ireland
    Commissioned by: Rural Network NI
    Seeks to highlight solutions for telecommunication services within rural areas.
    Author: NIRDP ICT Working Group
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