• ‘Mental health and “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland: implications of civil unrest for health and wellbeing’
    Commissioned by: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
    Explores how ethnonational conflict in the jurisdiction has adversely impact mental health and wellbeing
    Author: C. C. Kelleher
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  • ‘Mental health in Northern Ireland: have ‘the Troubles’ made it worse?’ 
    Commissioned by: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
    Seeks to measure the mental health impact of ethnonational conflict in the jurisdiction
    Author: C. C. Kelleher, D. O’Reilly and M. Stevenson
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  • The Trouble with Suicide. Mental Health, Suicide and the Northern Ireland Conflict: A Review of the Evidence
    Commissioned by: DHSPSS
    Assesses the evidence of the impact of the Northern Ireland conflict on mental health and well-being, with particular emphasis on suicide.
    Author: M. Tomlinson
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  • ‘Violence prevention: the evidence promoting gender equality to prevent violence against women’
    Commissioned by: WHO
    Examines evidence for interventions to promote gender equality in prevention of violence against women.
    Author: World Health Organisation
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  • Childcare Mapping and Research Report
    Commissioned by: WRCP
    The report aims to bring to the attention of government the extent and far reaching influence of the childcare services provided on a daily basis throughout each year.
    Author: WRCP
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  • In Defence of Dignity: The Human Rights of Older People in Nursing Homes
    Commissioned by: NIHRC
    Investigates the rights of older people in nursing homes in Northern Ireland.
    Author: NIHRC
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  • Social Return On Investment (SROI): WRDA’s Health Programmes Summary Report
    Commissioned by: WRDA
    The Women’s Resource and Development Agency (WRDA) commissioned Lodestar to
    undertake a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis of two distinct but closely
    related training and awareness raising programmes run for women, all of whom are
    from disadvantaged communities.
    Author: Lodestar
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  • Social Exclusion Among Older People in Ireland North & South
    Commissioned by: CARDI
    Attempts to measure social exclusion among older people in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and Northern Ireland (NI) and fill critical knowledge gaps.
    Author: Kieran Walsh
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  • ‘The impact of austerity on women’s wellbeing’
    Commissioned by: Liverpool Mental Health Consortium
    Assesses the impact of austerity on the mental wellbeing of women in Liverpool
    Author: Liverpool Mental Health Consortium
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  • ‘Advancing gender equality in Northern Ireland: addressing domestic violence and human rights protections for women’
    Commissioned by: University of Ulster
    Explores the relationship between gender equality, domestic violence and human rights in the Northern Ireland case.
    Author: M. McWilliams and F. Ní Aoláin
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  • ‘Regress? React? Resolve? An evaluation of mental health service provision in Northern Ireland’
    Commissioned by: AMH/QUB
    Examines the effectiveness of current mental health provision in Northern Ireland
    Author: G. Wilson et al.
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  • ‘The 2008 global financial crisis: effects on mental health and suicide’
    Commissioned by: University of Bristol
    Examines the mental health and suicide impact of global recession
    Author: D. Gunnell et al.
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  • ‘Alcohol, drugs and suicide interactions between misuse in the life course and at the time of death’
    Commissioned by: Queen’s University Belfast
    Examines the relationship between substance misuse and suicide within the context of Northern Ireland.
    Author: K. Galway
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  • ‘Loneliness and ageing: Ireland, north and south’
    Commissioned by: Institute of Public Health in Ireland
    Examines the impact of loneliness on the well being of older people and potential policy and service interventions to address same.
    Author: B. Harvey and C. Walsh
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  • ‘A Guide to Looking After the Mental Health of You and Your Baby’
    Commissioned by: Aware
    A short booklet on enjoying pregnancy and parenthood as well as how to look out for the signs of poor mental health and where to get help.
    Author: Aware
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  • ‘The impact of COVID-19, and policies to CO HEADLINE BOLD
    respond to the outbreak, on women in the UK’

    Commissioned by: London School of Economics
    A look at the evidence base for the gendered impact of Covid-19.
    Author: Clare Wenham