• Women’s Equality: International Standards & Local Strategies. Ad Hoc Policy Group
    Commissioned by: Ad Hoc Policy Group
    Author: Margaret Ward
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  • Northern Ireland Gender Audit
    Comissioned by: ESRC
    Re-imagining women’s security: A comparative study of South Africa, Northern Ireland and Lebanon.
    Author: Paddy Hillyard, Monica McWilliams & Margaret Ward
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  • Is Gender Part of Good Relations?
    Commissioned by: WRDA
    Includes summaries of speeches, workshop discussions and policy recommendations given at a conference around the theme of bringing a gender awareness to the Shared Future agenda.
    Author: WRDA
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  • Women’s Living in Disadvantaged Communities: Barriers to Participation
    Describes the role of women living in disadvantaged communities and details the barriers that make it difficult for women to fulfil their potential or participate fully in society.
    Author: Helen McLaughlin
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  • Gender Pay Gap in the UK: 1995 to 2007, Research Findings No. 2010/2
    Commissioned by: Government Equalities Office
    Explores the nature of the UK gender pay gap from 1995 to 2007 using data from the British Household Panel Survey.
    Author: Government Equalities Office
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  • Gender Mainstreaming Active Inclusion Policies
    Commissioned by: European Commission
    Looks at the extent to which EU Member Statesand EEA/EFTA countries have developed gender equality considerations in their policies designed for the active inclusion of vulnerable groups in society. The report provides concrete policy examples across the three pillars of the active inclusion strategy, these being adequate income support, inclusive labour markets and access to quality services.
    Author: European Commission
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  • Women’s Experiences of Violence: Mapping Experiences and Responses. A Pilot Study
    Commissioned by: WCRP
    Brings together qualitative research into women’s experience of violence in Northern Ireland.
    Author: Anne McMurray Development Ltd/ WCRP
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  • Concluding Observations on the Seventh Periodic Report of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Commissioned by: UN – CEDAW
    Contains concluding observations on the seventh periodic report of the UK from the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.
    Author: UN – CEDAW
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  • Equality Responsive Budgeting
    Commissioned by: Equality Commission for NI
    Proposes and details a conceptual framework to set out how equality responsive budgeting can be used within budgetary processes to further assist public authorities in promoting equality of opportunity and good relations.
    Author: Sheila Quinn
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  • Women in the NI Assembly
    Commissioned by: NI Assembly
    Summarises the background to women’s representation in politics, outlines the legislative frameworks relevant to women’s representation in the Northern Ireland Assembly and reviews some mechanisms for increasing female representation.
    Author: Michael Potter
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  • Review of Gender Issues in Northern Ireland
    Commissioned by: Northern Ireland Assembly
    Reviews the representation of women in positions of power in Northern Ireland and examines a selection of recent policy developments with regard to their impacts on women
    Author: M. Potter
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  • The Gender Pay Gap. How Does Northern Ireland Compare?
    Commissioned by: NERI Research in Brief
    Seeks to understand why Northern Ireland performs well on measures of the gender pay gap compared to the rest of the UK and examines what can be learnt from this.
    Author: P. MacFlynn
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  • Women’s Regional Consortium Launch Report
    Commissioned by: Women’s Regional Consortium
    Summarises the current issues that matter most to local women based on views gathered at the launch of the Women’s Regional Consortium in February 2014.
    Author: Women’s Regional Consortium
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  • Gender Equality Strategy statistics update report 2014
    Commissioned by: OFMDFM
    Examines current progress towards action plan commitments at the mid-term point of the Gender Equality Strategy.
    Author: OFMDFM
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  • Women’s Manifesto 2016
    Commissioned by: WRDA
    A series of demands on gender equality issues, directed at local decision makers.
    Author: Women’s Policy Group
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  • Women at the Cutting Edge: Conference Report and Action Plan
    Commissioned by: Reclaim the Agenda
    A series of demands that emerged from table discussions at a sector wide conference.
    Author: WRDA
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  • Women at the Heart of Public Consultation
    Commissioned by: WRDA
    A guide to best practice on involving women in public consultations
    Author: Kellie Turtle, Women’s Sector Lobbyist
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  • DFC Response to the Women’s Policy Group on the Gendered Impacts of Covid-19
    Commissioned by: Department for Communities
    A response to the statement from the WPG
    Author: Jennifer Campbell
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