• Minority Ethnic Women Entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland
    Commissioned by: TWN
    Investigates the barriers to participation faced by women from minority ethnic backgrounds in starting up and conducting businesses in Northern Ireland, encompassing issues for businesses in general, issues for women and issues for members of minority ethnic groups.
    Author: Michael Potter
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  • Trading Cultures
    Commissioned by: TWN
    Outlines issues facing minority ethnic women wanting to secure employment, while making a number of recommendations.  Also compares and contrasts the experiences of the integration of minority ethnic women in business across the island of Ireland.
    Author: Michael Potter
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  • Gender and Education (and Employment). Gendered Imperatives and Their Implications for Women and Men: Lessons from Research
    Commissioned by: European Commission
    Reviews international research evidence on the relationship between gender and education.
    Author: K. Lynch and M. Feeley
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  • Trades, Training and Tradition
    Commissioned by: TWN
    Draws learning from a range of projects and initiatives in Northern Ireland and beyond in working towards de-segregating the workforce through facilitating the access of women to non-traditional occupations.
    Author: Michael Potter
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  • A Review of the North-West Women’s Centres Learner Access & Engagement Programme
    Commissioned by: WCRP
    Provides an overview of how programmes for a ‘hard to reach’ target group can be delivered successfully in a women’s centre setting.
    Author: WCRP, Angela Hegarty
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  • Girls’ Career Aspirations
    Commissioned by: OFSTED
    Evaluates the affect of careers education, careers guidance and other provision on the aspirations and choices of girls and young women.
    Author: OFSTED
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  • Evaluation of Regional Women’s Centres Learning Partnership Project 2009 to 2014
    Commissioned by: WRDA
    Comprehensively evaluates the Live and Learn Project, which has run throughout the last five years and offers training, support and events for women through 14 women’s centres based in local communities across Northern Ireland.
    Author: Brigid Loughran
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  • Education inequalities in Northern Ireland: summary report
    Commissioned by: Equality Commission for NI
    Explores key educational inequalities across the equality grounds in Northern Ireland.
    Author: S. Burns, R. Leitch and J. Hughes
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  • Women in Northern Ireland 2015
    Commissioned by: NISRA
    Contains information on the economic status of women in Northern Ireland from the most recent quarterly labour force survey.
    Author: NISRA
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