• Sizing Up
    Commissioned by: Employers for Childcare
    Provides a comparative study of childcare policies.
    Author: Employers for Childcare
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  • Childcare Mapping Report
    Commissioned by: WCRP
    Maps the community based childcare provision in women’s centres in Northern Ireland.
    Author: WCRP
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  • Early Years Strategic Alliance Manifesto
    Commissioned by: EYSA
    Presents a roadmap for the development of early years, childcare and family support services for Northern Ireland.
    Author: EYSA
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  • Minimum Standards for Childminding and Day Care for Children Under Age 12
    Commissioned by: DHSPSS
    Puts forward new standards developed to provide assurance of a consistent level of quality in childminding and day care services, and also to ensure a consistent regional approach to registration and inspection.
    Author: DHSPSS
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  • Childcare: Maximising the Economic Participation of Women
    Commissioned by: Equality Commission for NI
    Sets out the type, extent and delivery of childcare provision necessary to maximise the economic participation of women within Northern Ireland.
    Author: McQuaid, Graham, Shapira
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  • Citizens’ Advice briefing: support for childcare costs in universal credit
    Commissioned by: Citizens’ Advice
    Reviews the nature of government support for childcare costs within universal credit.
    Author: Citizens’ Advice
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  • ‘Believe in childcare? The childcare needs of ethnic minority communities in Northern Ireland’
    Commissioned by: Barnardos
    Explores childcare demand among ethnic minority groups in Northern Ireland.
    Author: M. A. Webb, D. Kernaghan and M. Caffrey
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  • Bright Start: The NI Executive’s Programme for Affordable and Integrated Childcare
    Commissioned by: NI Executive
    Sets out the framework, principles and a range of key first actions to help deliver the Executive’s vision for childcare. A more comprehensive childcare strategy is set to follow shortly.
    Author: NI Executive
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  • Report on Bright Start, the Northern Ireland Executive’s Programme for Affordable and Integrated Childcare: A Strategic Framework
    Commissioned by: Women’s Regional Consortium
    Provides a critical examination of the Northern Ireland Executive’s latest childcare policy document, Bright Start, from the perspective of women in disadvantaged and rural areas.
    Author: Women’s Regional Consortium
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  • Universal Childcare in Northern Ireland: a Cost-Benefit Analysis
    Commissioned by: NICVA
    Estimates the economic ramifications of providing universal childcare in Northern Ireland using cost-benefit analysis.
    Author: NICVA/PWC
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  • NIRWN Response to “Delivering Change Through Social Care: Childcare Strategy”
    Commissioned by: OFMDFM
    NIRWN’s consultation response to OFMDFM’s “Delivering Social Change Through Childcare” Strategy, November 2015
    Author: NIRWN
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  • WRDA, CiNI and WINI Response to Childcare Strategy
    Commissioned by: OFMDFM
    Women’s Resource & Development Agency, Children in Northern Ireland and Women’s Information Northern Ireland joint response to OFMDFM’s “Delivering Social Change Through Childcare” Strategy, November 2015
    Author: WRDA, CiNI and WINI
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  • Northern Ireland childcare cost survey 2016
    Commissioned by: Employers for Childcare
    Reviews childcare costs in Northern Ireland
    Author: R. Dennison
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  • Childcare in NI: Cost, Care and Gender Equality
    Commissioned by: Irish Congress of Trade Unions
    Reviews childcare costs in Northern Ireland
    Author: ICTU
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