To celebrate our 40th anniversary WRDA decided to engage in a rebranding process. We wanted a brand that spoke to the journey we have been on since 1983 and one that reflects the bold and empowering voice for women we have become. On the basis of their fantastic work on the Women’s Policy Group Feminist Recovery Plan and their competitive tender we engaged Clever Ghost studio as the designer.

We worked with Clever Ghost to create a re-brand based on WRDA’s history, mission, and members. We speak with an authoritative voice providing leadership for the women’s movement, and we aim to inspire women to become a visible force for change. We are open to women from all walks of life, so it’s very important for us to be approachable and transparent. Based on this Clever Ghost developed a brand personality that is approachable, open, honest and inspiring. In a similar vein, our tone is inspirational, empowering, and authoritative. WRDA as a voice must speak to a wide and diverse audience that is ever changing, inspiring growth and empowering people to strive for change within Northern Ireland. You can be part of this change by applying for WRDA membership. Its free and you can apply online.

What our new icon represents

4 concentric circles forming a ripple.

Our symbol was born from how every woman’s voice matters and has an impact. We draw comparison on how the act of tossing a small stone into the water will result in a change that can be felt much farther away than the initial entry point – proof that small actions can lead to much bigger changes, even if you cannot see how far they reach.


Our new primary logo