Bold women blogging: A direct appeal from Palestinian women.

“War” is one of the most awful phrases and actions humans have ever invented. In wars, everything you hold dear to your heart can be eliminated in a split second – places, streets, homes, memories, and above all friends and family members.

For almost two weeks , women and children in Gaza have been subjected to heavy bombardment by the Israeli military air forces.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, over 60% of the victims are women and children. Innocent children and parents who were just trying to give their children a better future.

A couple of days ago over 400 Palestinians mostly women and children were killed by an Israeli air strike on the Baptist hospital in Central Gaza, where they took refuge inside the hospital after being forcibly displaced several times to avoid the ongoing Israeli aggressions.

In these difficult, painful times, women find themselves responsible for finding safe shelters for their family members, thinking of their security and safety, and above all their mental health.

In these difficult times, women usually ignore the necessity of considering self-care in its many different aspects, even when they are traumatized.  They try quickly to respond and overcome the immensity of what is happening to them, considering that their priority should always be the family.

This huge burden continues even after the immediate war ends.  Women still find themselves having to confront the consequences of the violence as it impacts on them in different ways, mentally, physically, economically, and socially.

They find themselves always at the bottom of the list given the popular stereotyping of their capabilities to always stay strong and continue to fulfil their duties even in the harshest of times.

This statement is not to argue politics or a call to stand with one side only.  It is an argument of humanity.

It is a call for unconditional humanity from one woman to another to stand with the women of Gaza; to recognise their pain and sorrow and above all else their humanity.

Your voices and calls to stop these disproportionate attacks and war crimes can make a difference.  Your actions to pressure world leaders to act to save women and children of Gaza count.

Your expressions of concern to protect innocent civilians in Gaza can have an impact and in the name of humanity we would like to ask you:

  • To speak publicly about the humanitarian situation in Gaza and how the majority of the victims are innocent children and woman.
  • Write to your elected officials and ask them to call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and for the delivery of basic supplies like water, food, medicines and electricity.
  • To spread the message to other organisations and actors working in the realm of peace, feminism, international development and humanitarian action.

The women and children in Gaza need support and action now.