Member profile: JoinHer Network

What is the history of JoinHer Network and where is it based? 


We are based at 64 Bloomfield Avenue , Belfast BT5 5AD. JoinHer is an open and impartial Network led by an internationally diverse group of professional individuals who have come together to change and influence lives for the better, in a fresh and engaging manner. We recognise a need to bring a different perspective on the “Variety in Diversity” in our community.


What does the group do and how have you adapted during Covid 19?


With Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Equality at the core of our main values most of our activities aim to educate, raise awareness and tackle stereotypes and bias. We run events alongside collaborative seasonal programs, networking, training & development opportunities.


As a direct result of covid 19 we have increased our online activities through live streaming broadcasts, panel discussions, webinars, podcasts and Conferences.


What do you think the three biggest issues facing women in your community are? 


  • More Opportunities to showcase their different cultural heritage backgrounds.
  • Inclusion across many different levels in our community.
  • Having a greater sense of belonging and direct association within the community.


How do you join the group? 


Please visit our website & other social media platforms  :

Facebook: @JoinHer2

Instagram: Joinhernetwork

LinkedIn: JoinHer Network

Twitter: @JoinHerNetwork