All the latest news from WRDA, including current work we are involved in:

Belfast Agenda Consultation Response 2017 25th April 2017

Women's Sector Lobbyist responds to Safe Access to Healthcare Survey 5th April 2017

Women's Sector Lobbyist meets Alliance Party for #Time2Commit 22nd February 2017

Celebrate International Women's Day with WRDA 8th February 2017

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2017 24th January 2017

Women Campaigning for a Better Belfast12th January 2017

Call for Research Papers and Reports 12th January 2017

WRDA response to the Executive Office Consultation on proposals for the withdrawal of two compendia official statistics publications - ‘A profile of older people in Northern Ireland’ and ‘Gender Equality Statistics’ annual publications 22nd November 2016

Commission on Flags, Identity, Culture and Traditions Engagement Session 29th November 2016

Abortion Pills, the BBC and the Supreme Court 11th November 2016

Where are Women in the PfG 31st October 2016

WRDA Community Facilitator Programme Opens for Applications 30th August 2016

WRDA to Celebrate Good Relations Week 2016 24th August 2016

WRDA Launch New Good Relations Project 17th August 2016

August Health Awareness Event18th July 2016

WRDA Statement on EU Referendum 4th July 2016

BCB Additional Needs 20th June 2016

Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2016. 16th June 2016

Mental Health Awareness Week. 16th May 2016

Women Speak Out on Community Planning Report Launch, 3rd May 2016

Advocacy Works: changing NI attitudes on abortion, 
3rd May 2016

Women's Sector Lobbyist Undertaking Research, 25th April 2016

Women Speak Out on Community Planning Report Launch, 14th April 2016

Discounted Training by VIEWdigital for WRDA Members, 15th March 2016

Women's Manifesto demands wide ranging reforms in Northern Ireland, 14th March 2016

WRDA offering Grassroots Lobbying Programme, 23rd February 2016

WRDA attends International Women's Day 2016 Launch, 18th February 2016

WRDA attends NUS-USI Manifesto Launch 2016, 10th February 2016

WRDA Members Event: Domestic Abuse Offence and Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, 10th February 2016

WRDA Community Planning Survey, 10th February 2016

WRDA Brainstorm for New Funding Strategy, 29th January 2016

Postgraduate workshop on “Masculinities, Violence and (Post-) Conflict", 29th January 2016

Make your voices Heard – Women Speak Out on Community Planning, 17th December 2015

New Capacity Building Project: Women Speak Out, 13th November 2015

Community Facilitator Training Programme 2015/16 commences, 13th November 2015

WRDA intern attends Childcare Cost Survey event, 10th November 2015

WRDA welcomes new intern, 3rd November 2015

WRDA celebrates 32nd AGM and 20th Anniversary of the Community Facilitator Programme, 30th October 2015

WRDA holds Building the Community Pharmacy Patnership (BCPP) Project workshops, 28th October 2015

Outreach Worker attends FWIN Networking Event
25th September 2015

WRDA represents women at BOE Interest Rates meeting,
25th September 2015

WRDA attends NIACE Four Nation's Conference, 25th September 2015

Updated info on Community Facilitator Training Programme 2015-16, 22nd September 2015

Great turn out for People and Communities event
, 18th September 2015

WRDA to hold People and Communities event, 20th August 2015

WRDA welcome new Women's Sector Lobbyist, 20th August 2015

Community Facilitator Training Programme 2015-16, 20th August 2015

WRDA Health Programmes Available, 20th August 2015

WRDA Director attends Women in Leadership event, 5th August 2015

WRDA Director attends event in Glencree, 4th August 2015

BCB Programme vital in light of recent report, 8th July 2015

Community Facilitator Reigstration event a success, 7th July 2015

WRDA Makes Presentation on Successful Live & Learn Partnership, 24th June 2015

WRDA Secures PHA Tender, 4th June 2015

WRDA Director Represents Women at Joint Forum Meeting, 22nd May 2015

WRDA March Against Austerity, 4th May 2015

Live & Learn Partner Meeting, 20th April 2015

Launch of new Women's Manifesto, 9th April 2015

IWD Rally 2015 a Great Success!, 23rd March 2015

International Women's Day 2015 launches!, 27th February 2015

Ending violence against women and girls, 17th February 2015

DOJ abortion consultation factsheet available, 9th January 2015

Petition launched by WRDA against ESF changes, 12th December 2014

Women have their say on abortion, 10th December 2014

Live and Learn Project five year evaluation, 26th November 2014

Great 31st year celebrated at our AGM, 14th November 2014

WRDA shares ideas on getting women into politics, 31st October 2014

Secretary of State meets WRDA team, 30th October 2014

New Women's Sector Lobbyist, 28th October 2014

Be breast aware this October, 30th September 2014

WRDA pushes for more women in politics, 23rd September 2014

Recruitment opens for our Community Facilitator Programme!, 8th September 2014

WRDA adds to feminist discussion, 5th September 2014

New Programme Coordinator joins the team, 2nd September 2014

Women take the lead, 1st September 2014

WRDA joins peacebuilding discussion, 28th August 2014

Women take on zero hour contracts, 22nd August 2014

Racism placed under the spotlight, 18th August 2014

Focus group explores bringing more women into politics, 13th August 2014

WRDA attends event on lesbian feminism, 1st August 2014

Meeting held with US political leaders, 31st July 2014

New toolkit unveiled to get women their fair say in peace and policy, 17th July 2014

WRDA Comment: Some are more equal than others, 3rd July 2014

WRDA demands No Peace Without Women, 30th June 2014

Message in a bottle reaches Stormont, 27th June 2014

New Strategic Plan for WRDA, 19th June 2014

How did women fare in the recent elections?, 10th June 2014

WRDA signs new STEM Charter, 9th June 2014

WRDA recruting new Programme Co-ordinator, 6th June 2014

Women explore what well-being means to them, 2nd June 2014

Women's Regional Consortium launch report published, 29th May 2014

New WRDA team member welcomed, 19th May 2014

Update on IWD 2014 rally disruption, 7th May 2014

Membership review set to take place, 1st May 2014

New WRDA strategy in the works, 16th April 2014

Women share views on domestic and sexual violence, 10th April 2014

WRDA assists with Isreali/Palestinian knowledge exchange trip, 8th April 2014

Learning shared on peacebuilding - 24th March 2014

WRDA backs new HIV informational film - 11th March 2014

IWD celebrations draw the crowds - 10th March 2014

Haass-O'Sullivan conference a success - 4th March 2014

IWD 2014 celebrations begin
- 26th February 2014

New Women's Regional Consortium launches - 17th February 2014

WRDA welcomes new Director - 6th February 2014

Liz Curran marks her twentieth anniversary with WRDA
- 3rd February 2014


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