WRDA Training Programmes

We offer a huge range of training programmes for women, covering everything from health to leadership. Some of our most popular programmes are listed below.

Community Facilitator Programme
An award winning programme aimed at women who are currently active or wish to become active within their local community. It provides participants with an opportunity to achieve a Level 3 training qualification, develop facilitation and leadership skills, and gain employment opportunities delivering WRDA’s training programmes. Interested in taking part? Read more here.

Grassroots Lobbying
A starting point for women to identify local needs and issues. The training aims to raise awareness of local and national policies and the potential impact they may have on women. It also explores how women and communities can build their capacity to influence and engage with decision-makers.

Parents Promoting Sexual Health
A programme aimed at supporting parents to feel more confident in discussing subjects such as sexual health, relationships and attitudes towards sexuality with their children.

Money Management
Practical and informative, this programme identifies the different types of credit that exist, the cost of credit and consequences of debt. Participants will identify and develop financial goals and create personal spending plans and budgets.

Breast, Cervical and Bowel Screening Awareness Programme
Developed to raise awareness of breast, cervical and bowel screening, this award winning programme encourages participants to avail of the screening services on offer and explores and addresses fears surrounding screening processes. Learn more here.

Egendering Empowerment
This programme aims to broaden the definition of politics and explores concepts such as democracy, community activism and citizenship. It raises awareness of the equality agenda and explores ways in which women from different backgrounds can work together to achieve common goals.

Good Relations and Equality
Participants are introduced to equality and new ways of working on the issue of equality. They also explore stereotypes and processes of discrimination at personal and community levels.

Health and Emotional Well-Being
Our ‘Let’s Talk Programme’ is essentially an approach to mental health, and explores ways of making realistic life changes, become more self-aware and gain more confidence and control of their lives.

Counting the Cost of Alcohol
Training that explores issues related to alcohol use – and misuse – in depth and considers the impact on individuals, families and communities.

Cardiovascular (CVD) Awareness

‘Change of Heart’ aims to focus on cardiovascular (CVD) awareness and explores how lifestyle can increase or decrease the risk of developing CVD. It identifies signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke, and raises awareness of positive lifestyle changes.

Parents Promoting Healthy Habits
This training explores the development of self-esteem in children and young people in relation to health and well-being. It also identifies ways of introducing physical activity into family routine, raises awareness of the importance of a healthy varied diet and looks at how to plan healthy eating options.

Community Consultation

WRDA offers a consultation management service which works to ensure consultation processes are cost effective and inclusive. WRDA has access to a wide network of women and organisations across the regions. We use the skills and reach of our Community Facilitators to deliver training and consultation workshops, ensuring the participation of women in policy development. Full details here.

To learn more about any of our courses or to book one of them, please contact Katherine Robertson on katherine.robertson@wrda.net or 028 9023 0212. You can also download a leaflet on the programmes here.

There are many other education and training opportunities on offer to women from a range of community organisations. These programmes are supported by crèche and childcare services ranging from playgroups to full day care. An online prospectus can be accessed here; http://wcrpeducation.org.uk/.

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